Director: Rev. D.C.Premraj - 9444861254 


Aims and Objectives
The Ministries
To be a liaison between the diocese and The local congregations

The other Dioceses of the Church of South India

The ecumenical bodies

The Overseas Missions, bodies and organizations




Namadhu Pudhu Vazhvu

To reach individual members of the congregations and keep them informed of all the activities through the monthly bilingual magazine ‘ Namadhu Pudhu Vazhvu”

Focusing on current issues related to church , state family and children

Promoting the talents in writing ( poetry, articles and reports, wit and humor etc.,) of the congregation and children.

Information on the various events, activities facilities and programs of the diocese.


Church hand book

To sensitize the congregations to have effective communication with other local churches and organizations through the publication of Madras diocese church hand book and diary, as an aid to the pastors and other cadres of our diocese, which contains, information’s regarding 

Churches and diocesan institutions

Various departments of the diocese

Other Diocese of CSI, CNI

Diocesan cadres


Documentation and Archives

To preserver the tradition and history of the churches and the institutions by collecting information regarding the history of the churches and to assist in the work of the diocesan archives.

Audio- Visual recording studio

To facilitate and encourage individuals, fellowship groups and churches and institution to use this recording facility both in audio and video, both for recording and producing albums.

T.V Program

To encourage congregations and institutions to mobilise their talents for the sake of effective witnessing through participating in T>V> programs. Eg. Weekly half an hour program on Tamizhan TV., on every Wednesday: 9.30 to 10.00pm.

Press conference

To organize press conference for the diocese as and when required.